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Supply Chain Management

Your bulky Supply Chain Management (SCM) business depends on many important factors encompassing multiple critical and essential processes that are impossible to manage manually. Our cloud-based Raspberry ERP SCM solutions have the right answer for you. With our existing powerful business modules and their highly configurable features, our system will help you set up your business just according to your exact business requirement in almost no-time with immediate post implementation difference in the throughput of your business.

Supply Chain Management
Key Benefits:
  • Lower learning curve
  • Affordable price
  • Controlled data management
  • End to end tracking of inventory across item categories, operational workflow steps and warehouses
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Cost control
  • Quality enhancement
  • Better decision making
  • Enhancement of overall productivity with the same workforce if not less


  • Material Management
  • Bill of Material
  • Sales and Distribution
    • Inquiry
    • Quotation
    • Sales Order
  • Purchase Management
    • Requisition
    • Request for Quotation
    • Purchase Order
  • Inventory Management
    • Goods Receipt
    • Goods Issue
    • Stock Replenishment
    • Physical Inventory Checking / Stock Audits
    • Inventory & Accounts Posting
  • Logistics Management
    • Optimized Transport operation
      • Carrier Contract Management
        • Carrier Determination
      • Freight Management
        • Economical Vehicle capacity planning
      • Load Optimization
        • Loading / Unloading of Vehicle
        • Pre-planning capabilities paired with WMS for efficient Stage and loading of Shipment
      • Route Optimization and Consolidation
        • Powerful Routing Engine
        • Adjust and Automate Distribution methods to Expand Delivery Strategy
        • Exception handling functionality to reduce expedite cost.
    • Efficient Transport Management
      • Improved Customer Service
        • POD Management (POD Scan App for Pickup and Delivery)
        • Tracking and analyzing On-Time Delivery / Damage Rates
          • Alerts and Notification
        • Eliminating problem Transportation Partners to improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Intelligence
    • Improved data accuracy
    • Automated data collection with integrated ERP and WMS system
    • Reporting and Analytics
  • Dashboard